Become a Not-for-Profit Partner.

We want to help you become more independent, sustainable and resilient.

There's nothing new in fundraising.

We respectfully disagree. Although we heard this from a veteran fundraiser in our early days, we're proud to say we changed her mind. If you're inclined to think this way, we're confident we can change yours, too.

Agents of Change provides your not-for-profit organization with the opportunity to offer something new and valuable to your supporters - a truly better way to find a great real estate agent. Your supporters will appreciate being introduced to our free matching service. You'll be helping them solve one of life's great mysteries: how to find a great agent! And when they do choose to get custom-matched with an agent through Agents of Change, something very special happens: 15% of the agent's commission is contributed to your not-for-profit organization.

The challenge: More services, fewer dollars.

You're an expert at doing so much more with so much less. Struggling to keep supporters in fluctuating economies while vying for the attention of new potential donors in a sea of worthy recipients can make the task of delivering more seem insurmountable. We understand your challenges and have crafted a solution. It isn't a silver bullet, but we believe it can be an increasingly significant part of your fundraising strategy in the years ahead.

The solution: Agents of Change

We're here to help you develop a new revenue stream. We'd like to introduce you to a more entrepreneurial approach to fundraising.

We believe your greatest asset is your network of supporters - staff, volunteers, board members, clients, donors, corporate partners, suppliers. Imagine how many of those supporters move each year. Imagine if even just a small percentage of them initiated their moves through Agents of Change, allowing you to capture 15% of the commission generated by those real estate transactions. It's happening all around you, all the time. Why not empower your supporters to raise funds for you next time they buy or sell real estate?

Our program results in an average referral fee to not-for-profit organizations of about $1,500 for each real estate transaction. There is only a nominal cost to your not-for-profit organization and no cost to your supporters. As these funds are not coming out of your supporter's pockets, there's little risk of losing any contributions they would otherwise have directed to you.

Our success is linked to yours. We like to succeed.

We put our best foot forward for you and your supporters. We'll work with you every step of the way to maximize your efforts and diversify your funding base. Our work together will assist you in becoming more independent, sustainable and resilient in the years ahead.

You can breathe easy knowing your supporters will be in good hands. Only the best-of-the-best agents can earn the status of Agent of Change Select Agent after making it through our rigorous screening and interviewing process. Regardless of their geographic location, your supporters can be assured we have the tools and resources to find them a great agent. You're not asking them to do you a favour by choosing to support you in this way: you're doing them a favour. You're adding value to the relationship. You're saying thanks. We know they'll appreciate it.

We are part of a rapidly growing trend called pro-social consumerism that is particularly appealing to younger donors, like Millenials. We're proud to be on the leading edge. All the research shows that, when given a choice, most people will choose to align their consumer choices with their personal values and opt for social impact. Let us show you how you can benefit from this cultural shift.

What our Not-for-Profit Partners say about us.

"Women in Insurance Cancer Crusade, Alberta Chapter is thrilled to be joining forces with Agents of Change. Providing the insurance industry with further opportunities to support WICC Alberta is really exciting to us. With our commitment to cancer research, the funds raised will allow us to consider additional grants or equipment needs for our chosen projects. As our industry is spread across Alberta in every town and village, this partnership provides the ability for all industry members to support WICC Alberta in a way that had never previously been considered. We look forward to working with Agents of Change to help us achieve our full potential for cancer research here in Alberta."

— Donna Brown
Chairperson, Alberta Chapter
Women in Insurance Cancer Crusade


Some answers to questions we're often asked

Does it cost money to become a Not-for-Profit Partner?

Not a dime. It will, however, require the time and attention of your talented staff.

We noticed that there are logos for other Not-for-Profit Partners on the site. If we encourage our supporters to come to the Agents of Change site, how do we ensure that they direct the funds back to our not-for-profit organization, and not to another Not-for-Profit Partner?

Excellent question! This site is a general site for anyone who wants to know more about Agents of Change. If you choose to become a Not-for-Profit Partner, this is not the site that your supporters will see.

Together, we will create a co-branded microsite specifically for your supporters. Imagine the current Agents of Change site, but with all the information regarding Not-for-Profit Partners, Corporate Partners and Agent Partners removed. Only information relevant to Client Partners will be displayed, and no logos or references to other not-for-profit organizations will appear. It will be our own unique joint venture designed to convey our combined message. The process is simple on your end: just upload your logo and provide a small amount of content. We do the rest.

You have worked hard to build your base of supporters. We understand that it is critical to reinforce and strengthen those relationships. You can count on us to work with you to enhance and protect this valuable asset.

We are a small not-for-profit organization with limited staff who are already overworked. Will this take a lot of our time?

Not at all. That being said, you will get out of the partnership what you put into it. Once you sign up you'll have access to the Not-for-Profit Partner Quick Start Guide, which will guide you through the process of becoming a Not-for-Profit Partner. We will also make available the Not-for-Profit Partner Marketing Guide, which is full of ideas on ways to get the message out to your staff, volunteers, donors and other supporters. If you would like to review the Not-for-Profit Partner Quick Start Guide prior to signing up, just give us a call and we'll forward a copy. We're here to work with you and your staff every step of the way.

We are a large not-for-profit organization with various channel managers in numerous locations. How do we get started?

It is probably best that we start with your Director and let him or her decide how to best proceed with implementation. It may be most efficient to start with one high-impact stakeholder group and work from there. For very large organizations, it may take some time to get up and running and generating results; however, the larger your base of supporters, the more money you can raise. Call us. We're here to work through the process with you.

We need to be protective of our brand and keep our proprietary information, such as donor lists, confidential. What are the risks for us?

We understand - and we feel the same way. Check out the information on this site, then give us a call. We think when you understand a little more about how we work, your comfort level will increase. We can also put you in touch with other Not-for-Profit Partners to discuss their experience.

At no time will you be sharing any mailing lists, email addresses, names or contact information with us. Our role is to support you in your communications with your stakeholders - employees, volunteers, donors and other supporters. We won't be communicating with any of them directly. You'll be doing that: we'll just be helping you by providing sample messaging content and other tools.

Do we issue a tax receipt for funds received from Agents of Change?

No. We're not tax experts, but our accountants are. We had them prepare a tax opinion on this very matter. Check out the Buchanan Barry Tax Opinion. You just have to issue a thank you letter.

How will we know when someone has directed funds to our not-for-profit organization?

If you are a Not-for-Profit Partner, you will be able to track the process online. Our site provides full transparency, allowing you to know at all times how many Client Partners have requested referrals to an Agent Partner, when Client Partners have been matched with an Agent Partner, when a real estate purchase or sale has been made, when that transaction closes, and what date you can expect a cheque.

If you are not a Not-for-Profit Partner, it is still possible for Client Partners to choose to direct funds to you, but you will not have the ability to track it. It will just be a pleasant surprise when a cheque arrives in the mail!

We're a not-for-profit organization, but not a registered charity for purposes of the Income Tax Act (Canada). Can we still work with you?

Yes. Give us a call to discuss your status. We want to be careful that funds directed to your organization are used for the intended purpose, so we have to be a bit cautious to ensure we're only working with reputable organizations; but we don't want to limit the choices of Client Partners either. Let's talk and figure it out together!

We are a not-for-profit organization based outside of Canada. Is it still possible for us to work with you?

Yes. Agents of Change is expanding to the U.S. and other countries. At this stage we don't have a Not-for-Profit Partner based outside of Canada, but maybe you can be the first. Give us a call and let's brainstorm!