• We rewrote the rules of real estate so they work for everyone — especially you.

Here's how it works ...

Buying or selling your home doesn't need to be more frustrating than fun.

We take the risk out of the referral process by matching you with a proven agent who knows your market, fits your style, and works hard to get you the best deal.

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Step 1:

You talk. We listen.

On a call, we'll listen well to understand your unique needs, hopes and dreams, and what you really want in an agent.

You can ask us anything you like!

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Step 2:

Matching is an art.

Using a mix of proprietary tech and industry experience, we surface the best of the best to match you with someone who fits your needs and isn't just a great agent, but a great person, too.

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Step 3:

Now the fun begins!

A truly exceptional experience tailored to your goals, needs and ideal outcome.

You'll work with an agent who's a perfect fit and committed to getting you results.

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Step 4:

Get moving!

When your purchase or sale is complete, we'll contribute 50% of our referral fee towards innovative housing solutions in the community — over $1,500 on average.

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Step 5:

That was awesome, wasn't it?

A great deal — and no settling!

You made a great move and had a big impact — all at no extra cost to you.

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Matches are free, with no obligation. Anywhere across Canada/USA.

What our Agent Partners say about us.

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"I am very pleased to have been selected by Agents of Change as an Agent Partner! As a Realtor I am always excited to work with people who value my knowledge and experience. I always appreciate receiving referrals as they give me an opportunity to meet new people and expand my business. Agents of Change goes even further, not only providing me with a great business opportunity, but also the satisfaction of knowing that half of the referral fee I pay ends up in the hands of a charity that means a lot to my client. I am proud to be part of this innovative referral network and look forward to raising significant funds for many worthwhile causes."

— David Nichols
Keller Williams - Toronto, ON

How we find the best real estate agents (and give you the cream of the crop).

After all, you deserve nothing less.

You want a high-performing, compatible agent, so we use a super cool proprietary machine learning algorithm (so geeky!) to give us a short list of choices.

The best agents aren't always the ones with the most ads or the highest sales.

They're honest, genuinely interested in what you want, and work hard to earn their commission by getting you the best possible deal.

That's why our vetting process is so intense.

Before we refer any agent to you, we ...

  • Analyze their stats to make sure they consistently get great results
  • Interview them personally, to make sure they're a good fit
  • Speak with past clients and get the real scoop
  • Check in with their broker and local real estate board to be sure they're in good standing
  • Review their online presence and reviews

We do all of this so you don't have to.

"But why would any GREAT agent share their commission?"

Real estate is built on the referral economy. Agents regularly pay up to 35% of their commission to other agents when a referred client closes a deal.

Referrals are not just for struggling or inexperienced agents. Top-selling agents pay referral fees all the time — and are happy to do it because they get great clients without the marketing costs!

For agents and clients, the right fit goes both ways:

  • You want a proven agent who has your best interests at heart.
  • Agents want serious clients who are great to work with and appreciate their unique skill set.

In exchange for the privilege of the match, your agent will pay a referral fee to Agents of Change of 30% of the commission earned — half of which goes back into community housing innovation.

Business Model

We've turned the referral fee — one of the industry's most common transactions — into a way to unlock new possibilities for you and your community.

Housing is a basic human right. We're all about ensuring everyone has a place to call home.

The icing on the cupcake: making positive change in your community.

Agents of Change isn't just about rethinking an old, outdated real estate process — it's about building a better system that works for everyone and directing money back to organizations that make our communities even better places to live.

You have the power to turn your real estate transaction into a HUGE changemaking opportunity — without emptying your own pockets.

A better outcome for you. A better outcome for your community.

People like you have raised $282,571.62 through our successful matches.

Want to be our next success story?

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Jason Balaski is making it possible to give children and families access to therapy and support.

From physiotherapy and counselling, to speech and language therapy, many young children and their families rely on the resources and support of not-for-profits. When Jason Balaski's daughter, Brittany, came to him and said she was ready to move in with her partner, Rylee, Jason did what all Dads do; he panicked! Then, after a day or two to pull himself together, he did something very special. He offered to purchase a condo and rent it to Brittany and Rylee so they could have a safe, affordable place to begin their new life together. What a Dad! Jason's decision to start with a match through Agents of Change meant that a significant contribution would be able to be directed to his favourite not-for-profit. When he offered Brittany the opportunity to decide where those funds would go, she didn't hesitate. She chose Kamloops Children's Therapy & Family Resource Centre, in recognition of the amazing assistance they had given to her sister, Ayden, when she was younger. With their $618 contribution, Jason and Brittany are helping more families access these critical services, and more children get the support they need.