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Meet the Agents of Change/Not-for-Profit Co-Creation Group

It’s no secret we want to change the way that not-for-profits approach their financial well-being. We believe that there’s a significant untapped opportunity for not-for-profits to create a unique and ongoing revenue stream out of the real estate transactions of their supporters. We believe it can help not-for-profits achieve greater resilience, independence and, ultimately, greater impact. We want to accelerate the not-for-profit sector’s active participation in the broader social economy.

A group of leading Calgary not-for-profits agrees, and they’ve committed to working with us over the next five months to co-create a program to help not-for-profits do just that. We are honoured to work with senior representatives from the Calgary Public Library Foundation, United Way of Calgary, Highbanks Society, Calgary YMCA, Boys & Girls Clubs of Calgary, Newcomers Centre of Calgary, Calgary Food Bank, REAP, University of Lethbridge and the Calgary Stampede. Together, we’re creating a program that will empower not-for-profits to mobilize their networks, build a significant new revenue stream and advance their mission.

Work is now underway. We can’t wait to share the fruits of their labour in the months ahead.