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Our city is hurting.

Every day someone reaches out to us with a real estate problem they're struggling to solve. Sometimes the challenge is that they need to sell their home in this difficult market due to a lost job or reduced pay; often it is because their home value is underwater -- it isn't worth the amount owing on their mortgage -- and they don't know what to do next.

We've written a blog about the personal experience of our founders being overextended, scared and broke way back in 1984 when Calgary was experiencing a similar economic downturn. (Blog) They've shared their story in the hopes that it will let someone out there know that it does get better and they're not alone.

Beginning in February, Agents of Change will address this crisis with an ongoing series of Meetups designed to bring people together around the real estate questions that matter to them, such as creative ways to avoid selling your home, foreclosure, working with your mortgage lender for relief, finding a fantastic Realtor to help you buy or sell, and monitoring your mental health in times of stress. Check here for times and updates: yychurting.com

People are quietly suffering. Please share news of these Meetups so our fellow Calgarians know there is a place to go for help.