Missing Children Society Of Canada

We love 'em!

B/N: 107706392RR0001

Category: Human Services

Web: www.mcsc.ca

E-mail: info@mcsc.ca

Phone: (403) 291-0705


MCSC is Committed To:

- Assisting law enforcement and families in the active and ongoing search for missing children;

- Utilizing cutting-edge technology to provide first-responder support to law enforcement agencies when a child goes missing;

- Continuing the search for as long as there are missing children;

- Enlisting the help of other professionals in the search and recovery of missing children;

- Creating public awareness of missing children cases through both traditional and online/social media;

- Providing affected families with emotional support, knowledge and resources throughout the search and recovery process;

- Ensuring that all of our programs – including professional investigations, active searches and family support programs – are delivered free of charge, so that every family who needs help receives it, regardless of their financial situation.

Every person can play an active role in the search for missing children.