Calgary Food Bank

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B/N: 130167349RR0001

Category: Human Services



Phone: (403) 253-2059

For over 30 years, the Calgary Food Bank has been distributing quality emergency food to those in need. In 2014 alone, 132,469 Calgarians accessed the Calgary Food Bank from all neighbourhoods and quadrants in the city.

How we provide emergency food:

• Emergency hampers distributed at the food bank, which meet Canada's food guidelines and contain one week of food for each person.

• In addition to receiving an emergency hamper, clients leave with information and resources to address the underlying reasons for food insecurity.

• Along with our emergency hamper, we offer specialty hampers for people with allergies, specific dietary restrictions, or for expecting mothers and fathers.

• Homeless Hampers provide two to three days of ready-to-eat food for Calgarians with inadequate shelter.

• Our Food Link program distributes to over 110 other charities where people are getting help to address the root causes of food insecurity. Everything from canned beans, laundry detergent and pasta sauces are provided to many Calgary-based community programs.

• Children's Milk Program provides milk to at risk children across the city.

• Welcome Home Hamper Program supports newly housed Calgarians. These specialized hampers provide household items to Calgarians transitioning from street living to a home of their own. Welcome Home clients are referred to the program by a partner agency working with homeless individuals and families.

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