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We are thrilled that you are considering supporting La Caravan through the Agents of Change program. Your support will allow us to continue to surprise and delight our audiences!

Each and every real estate transaction initiated through Agents of Change results in an average of $1,800 being directed to La Caravan. The possibilities are amazing! Your decision to Request a Referral means we could:

• Fund 46 hours of rehearsal time for 1 dancer

• Create 5 stunning new costumes

• Enable 25 hours of composer writing time

• Rent 2 high-definition cameras to film our live shows plus 10 hours of editing time to help us sell our show and tour internationally

• Secure 72 hours of studio space for rehearsals

Imagine if every one of our supporters could find one person in their circle of friends and family to support us in this way each year!

Your decision to simply start the process of buying or selling a home by contacting Agents of Change opens up so many opportunities for us. We are grateful for your support and know that you will have a terrific experience when you choose to Request a Referral through Agents of Change. Thank you!

The Corridor - Fencing duet