I Will Survive

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Category: Arts, Culture, Humanities

Web: www.iwillsurviveassociation.com

E-mail: bryan.iwillsurvive@gmail.com

Phone: (403) 874-3551

Thank you for supporting the I Will Survive Association by requesting a referral through Agents of Change!

Why, when one in five people experience a mental disorder in his or her lifetime, are mental illnesses treated differently than other diseases? Our goal is to answer that question. Together with our partners, we will utilize our events to expose major issues and initiate discussion among our supporters.

By requesting a referral today, you are helping remove the stigma surrounding mental illness and suicide by supporting the Music 4 Life Concert Series. Through our concerts we have raised awareness and our supporters have participated in discussions on how to overcome our biggest challenges.

To date, I Will Survives concerts have raised and donated $20,000 to local charities! Your decision to request a referral through Agents of Change and direct 20% of the commission to I Will Survive will enable us to continue our fundraising efforts and support the local arts community.

I Will Survive Awareness Video