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Because of our busy, technology-centric lifestyles, high mobility and age segregation, it's getting increasingly rare for young people and older seniors to interact regularly in our society. Youth and seniors have a lot to offer one another, but they don't often get the chance to find that out!

When they're not in touch with elders, youth lose out on learning our country's history and culture from the people who lived it. They miss important stories of resilience, failures and successes that could be meaningful and add perspective to their own lives. Seniors miss the chance to fulfil their natural roles of providing continuity, sharing knowledge and lending a wise ear to youth.They may feel isolated and excluded from their own community.

Communities are stronger and more connected, vibrant places when older and younger generations are engaged and supportive of one another. LINKages' carefully designed programs foster meaningful connections between almost 700 students aged 12 - 24 and seniors each school year. More Calgarians than ever see the value in connecting generations and look to LINKages to help make that happen. Thank you for choosing LINKages through Agents of Change!

Connecting Calgary youth and seniors