Our clients are helping redefine the value of real estate by directing 50% of our referral fee to a host of important community projects.

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Thanks, Chris & Jessie Tribe, for honouring your grandmother with an amazing tribute!

The Tribes are no strangers to the moving process as they've done it a few times, back and forth between Alberta and B.C. This time they wanted to make sure it really counted!

With a new son and a new life waiting for them on the coast closer to family, they're leaving the province and a wonderful legacy, too. Through their home sale, they were able to direct $1,570 to the Alzheimer Society of Calgary in loving memory of Chris' amazing grandma, Dora Abrams. She suffered for over a decade with the disease, and Chris & Jessie hope that with more research, fewer will suffer the same fate.

Your grandmother would be so proud of you!

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"We decided to get a referral to an agent through Agents of Change when selling our home because we wanted to be sure we had an experienced agent with good references. When we found out that a portion of the agent’s commission would go to the charity of our choice, we were very pleasantly surprised. What an amazing bonus!

The sale of our house was quick and the experience with our agent couldn't have been better! We highly recommend Agents of Change to everyone we know."

- Chris & Jessie Tribe

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