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From real estate skeptics to converts: Kathy & Paul's Story

Kathy & Paul describe the value of a great Realtor match.

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How I Sold My Home in Less than 48 Hours: Gena’s Story

Gena talks about how finding the perfect real estate agent helped her sell her 100 year old quirky home faster than she ever thought possible.

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We Would Have Been Basket Cases With The Wrong Real Estate Agent: Joni & Colin's Story

Joni and Colin tell us how they took their real estate experience from just ok to amazing.

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Meet some smart cookies!

Prashanth Southekal, Shruthi Belle and their beautiful children spend a LOT of time at the Library. With both parents obtaining graduate degrees in the past few years, you know there has been a ton of reading, studying, learning -- and laughing -- going on!

All that hard work has paid off, and the Southekal family is thrilled to move into their fabulous new home. They came to Agents of Change looking to get matched with a great agent who could get them a great deal -- and they couldn't be happier with the outcome!

When it came time to decide which not-for-profit to support, it was a no-brainer. This library-loving family is excited to direct $2,950 to the Calgary Public Library Foundation so that other families can enjoy the place they love.

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