Our clients are helping redefine the value of real estate by directing 50% of our referral fee to a host of important community projects.

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How do you make a wicked witch smile?

Trina & Nick Castle and their children are busy decorating for their last Halloween in their current home. Look at those cool pumpkins!!

While Halloween may be scary, their move won’t be thanks to the incredible service of the agent they were matched with through Agents of Change. It was all treat, with no tricks!!

The sweetest treat of all? Nick & Trina raised $1,650.50 for Providence Children’s Centre through the sale of their home – enough loot to make even a wicked witch smile!

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Chad & Sylvia Roth are making it possible for sick children to get the care they need

Every year, thousands of Calgarians face a parent’s biggest challenge – a sick child in need of hospital care.

Chad & Sylvia welcomed their son, Brady, into this wonderful world with the help of the fantastic team at Rockyview Hospital Neonatal ICU, and they wanted to show their gratitude and appreciation.

Through this sale, Chad & Sylvia were able to direct $1,180 to the great team at Rockyview, making it possible for more families who need special care to have the same happy outcome.

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Renée Netzel & Mason Lindquist are making it possible for more furry friends to get much-needed treatment!

Across North America, thousands of animals are abandoned, mistreated or in need of a loving family.

Through the sale of their home they had the opportunity to direct $2,097 to the not-for-profit of their choice. Renée, Mason and their handsome dog Monty chose to support the Calgary Humane Society so they can protect more of these animals and give more pets a family who loves them.

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Janice Bushfield is making it possible to find new ways to support people with Cerebral Palsy.

Cerebral Palsy impacts hundreds of thousands of people across North America.

When it was time to sell her home, Janice Bushfield, Executive Director of Cerebral Palsy Association in Alberta, was delighted to learn she could get a great agent AND have a great impact through Agents of Change. And, of course, she knew just where she want to direct the funds raised!

Her property was sold in a flash and the $1,621 contribution that resulted was directed to the Cerebral Palsy Association in Alberta to continue their important work in the community.

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