Our clients are helping redefine the value of real estate by directing 50% of our referral fee to a host of important community projects.

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Jason Balaski is making it possible to give children and families access to therapy and support.

From physiotherapy and counselling, to speech and language therapy, many young children and their families rely on the resources and support of not-for-profits.

When Jason Balaski's daughter, Brittany, came to him and said she was ready to move in with her partner, Rylee, Jason did what all Dads do; he panicked! Then, after a day or two to pull himself together, he did something very special. He offered to purchase a condo and rent it to Brittany and Rylee so they could have a safe, affordable place to begin their new life together. What a Dad!

Jason's decision to start with a match through Agents of Change meant that a significant contribution would be able to be directed to his favourite not-for-profit. When he offered Brittany the opportunity to decide where those funds would go, she didn't hesitate. She chose Kamloops Children's Therapy & Family Resource Centre, in recognition of the amazing assistance they had given to her sister, Ayden, when she was younger.

With their $618 contribution, Jason and Brittany are helping more families access these critical services, and more children get the support they need.

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Abigail Payne & Matt Aldridge are making it possible to empower individuals with developmental disabilities.

Living life with developmental disabilities should never mean exclusion from life’s big opportunities, or the feeling of being isolated.

Abigail Payne & Matt Aldridge have travelled the world serving others, so naturally when they went to buy their first home it was not surprising they would seek out yet another way to give back!

Through her work, Abigail became familiar with Inclusion Alberta’s advocacy efforts on behalf of children and adults with developmental disabilities and their families. She and Matt were excited to be able to align their personal values with this important and exciting life decision to buy a new home -- and support Inclusion Alberta at the same time.

We appreciate your brilliant choice, Matt & Abigail, and applaud the incredible impact you've already had in the world!

Through their home purchase, $1,444 was contributed to Inclusion Alberta. Thank you, Abigail & Matt, for helping people with developmental disabilities realize the goal of community inclusion.

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Discovery House is making it possible to protect and support women fleeing domestic violence.

In Canada, as many as 4% of all men and women with current or former spouses report being victims of spousal abuse.

Several years ago, Discovery House was very generously gifted a house by Athena Resources. This summer, the Discovery House Board decided that selling this property would give them valuable resources to extend their important work -- a move Athena Resources wholeheartedly supported.

As one of our Not-for-Profit Partners, Discovery House knew that getting in touch with Agents of Change to get matched with a great agent was the first step.

Through the sale of this house, a cheque for $12,089 came back to Discovery House – supporting their mission of protecting at-risk women fleeing domestic violence.

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Raven Caruso is making it possible to give a helping hand to parents, families and pets alike!

It’s tragically easily to overlook those who most need support.

In Raven Caruso’s case, she wanted to make the most of the opportunity provided by Agents of Change to support the not-for-profit of her choice -- but she also has a good friend who is absolutely passionate about one particular cause. Her answer? Split the contribution and support both!

Raven's decision meant that Inclusion Alberta received a cheque for $1,041.50, making it possible for more individuals with developmental disabilities to feel included in their communities; and Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society (AARCS) also received $1,041.50 to help rescue animals find a new home where they can feel loved.

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