Our clients are helping redefine the value of real estate by directing 50% of our referral fee to a host of important community projects.

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Discovery House is making it possible to protect and support women fleeing domestic violence.

In Canada, as many as 4% of all men and women with current or former spouses report being victims of spousal abuse.

Several years ago, Discovery House was very generously gifted a house by Athena Resources. This summer, the Discovery House Board decided that selling this property would give them valuable resources to extend their important work -- a move Athena Resources wholeheartedly supported.

As one of our Not-for-Profit Partners, Discovery House knew that getting in touch with Agents of Change to get matched with a great agent was the first step.

Through the sale of this house, a cheque for $12,089 came back to Discovery House – supporting their mission of protecting at-risk women fleeing domestic violence.

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