Our clients are helping redefine the value of real estate by directing 50% of our referral fee to a host of important community projects.

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Abigail Payne & Matt Aldridge are making it possible to empower individuals with developmental disabilities.

Living life with developmental disabilities should never mean exclusion from life’s big opportunities, or the feeling of being isolated.

Abigail Payne & Matt Aldridge have travelled the world serving others, so naturally when they went to buy their first home it was not surprising they would seek out yet another way to give back!

Through her work, Abigail became familiar with Inclusion Alberta’s advocacy efforts on behalf of children and adults with developmental disabilities and their families. She and Matt were excited to be able to align their personal values with this important and exciting life decision to buy a new home -- and support Inclusion Alberta at the same time.

We appreciate your brilliant choice, Matt & Abigail, and applaud the incredible impact you've already had in the world!

Through their home purchase, $1,444 was contributed to Inclusion Alberta. Thank you, Abigail & Matt, for helping people with developmental disabilities realize the goal of community inclusion.

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