Our clients are helping redefine the value of real estate by directing 50% of our referral fee to a host of important community projects.

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Reid & Brittany Jorgensen know how to make kids smile!

The children and families being assisted by Kids Cancer Care Foundation of Alberta are grinning from ear to ear! Through the sale of their townhome, Reid & Brittany were able to direct $1,839.70 to Kids Cancer Care to help them in their mission to provide a cure for every child and care for every family.

Like so many families, Reid & Brittany have watched loved ones struggle with cancer, and as first-time parents to adorable Hadley, they have a new appreciation for how incredibly difficult it must be to watch your child struggle with the disease. They are pleased to be able to direct these funds in the hope that they can make a difference in the life of a child.

Thank you, Reid & Brittany, for your compassionate choice. You're proof that when you make a move, you can also make a huge difference! You've put smiles on a lot of faces. A flurry of virtual hugs is coming your way!!

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Rosse Marye Zecenarro & Enrique Ottone know there's nothing stronger than a parent's love for their child.

Life changes when you have children. With two beautiful young daughters, Enrique & Rosse Marye know this first-hand!

When it came time to sell their Canadian home, they chose to support Missing Children Society of Canada and their mission to reunite families. Being new parents and having relocated to Costa Rica, where child abductions are all too common, Rosse Marye & Enrique understand the importance of the critical work MCSC does.

Through Agents of Change, they were matched with a terrific agent and were able to direct significant funds to Missing Children Society of Canada. They raised $1,765 for MCSC in honour of their amazing daughters, Emma and Mia, through the sale of their home.

Thank you, Rosse Marye & Enrique, for your thoughtful choice. We are proud to stand with you in support of Missing Children Society of Canada. Your contribution will help them in their mission to bring every child home safely.

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Kurt & Virginia Winkler let their courageous and determined spirits shine through!

A difficult diagnosis would be enough to knock some people out of the game. Not Kurt & Virginia!

When hit with the news that Virginia has ALS, they summoned their strength and pushed forward. In just a few short weeks they gathered 80 friends and family to do Betty's Run for ALS in June, raising $8,774.96 with their Team Burning Love! And now, they've raised another $1,363 through the purchase of their new condo starting with a match through Agents of Change. Take that, ALS!!

We are so proud of your fighting spirit and commitment to making every day count. Thank you for being such an inspiration to all who know and love you!

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Jules & Vi Szepesi -- the best friends a person could have!

When Jules & Vi Szepesi found out that their dear friend Virginia had recently been diagnosed with ALS, they did what all great friends do: they acted. In big ways and in small they have been there to help her out.

When the decision was made that it was also time to sell their rental property, it was an easy choice to get matched with a great agent through Agents of Change and direct funds to ALS Society of Alberta in loving support of Virginia.

Thank you, Jules & Vi, for your kind hearts and generous act! You raised $1,449.70 to help find a cure and provide support to all Albertans afflicted with ALS.

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