• We're on a mission to make real estate work for everyone.

It's possible to move forward and give back.

Our goal isn't just to improve your experience, and your bottom line — it's to rewrite the rules of real estate to positively impact entire communities.

Real estate is Canadians' biggest source of wealth, and one of Canada’s biggest economic drivers.

By connecting to the referral economy — the exchange of fees for quality referrals that agents pay every day — we are turning these everyday transactions into a powerful tool for community change.

We bring clients, agents, companies, and not-for-profits together in a unique exchange network — everyone giving something, everyone gaining something — so that real estate works better for everyone. Everyone in our exchange network is an agent of change.

The Agents of Change community:
how we make real estate work for everyone.

AoC Exchange

How can YOU unlock possible?

Now is your rare opportunity to take control of your real estate experience, improve your outcomes, and have an enormous community impact — without emptying your pockets.

Whether it's aiding the fight against a disease you despise or addressing some of our most pressing social issues, now is your opportunity to discover what's possible when we let real estate work for everyone.

See what's possible

Our amazing team!

The Agents of Change Team

Tracey Wood

Co-Founder, CEO, and Designated Broker

Change! When it comes to certain things, Tracey hates it. Ask her to switch computers or laundry detergent? No way!

But when it comes to imagining what's possible, she's all about change. What if there was a better way for people to find the ideal real estate agent for them? What if not-for-profits could worry less about money and more about fulfilling their mission? What if we could achieve world peace? (Okay, that last one is a bit bold...!)

Once you've seen a solution, you can't "unsee" it. Tracey has imagined a better way for real estate to work for home buyers and sellers and the broader community – and she has a proven track record building successful companies. That’s a win-win combination! She’s assembled an extraordinary team to help her make real estate work for everyone.

Duane Wood

Co-Founder, CTO

Some people are early adopters of technology, and some are late on the curve. Duane has always been on the leading edge, with a special gift for seeing how emerging technologies can change the world for the better.

In 1995, he told his partner, Tracey, that the Internet was going to change everything. She said no one would use it. In 2007, he told her the iPhone would revolutionize communications. She said she'd never give up her Blackberry. And in 2013, he told her real estate could be revolutionized with a matching algorithm. By then she knew better than to disagree!

Want to know what technology might make possible next? Ask Duane.

Sean Melrose

Chief Financial Officer

Over nearly 20 years in finance, Sean has been an agent of change. A long-time innovator in financial services, he was the first in his national investment firm to move his clients away from a transactional commission model to a fee-based approach, long before that was a thing. He founded BC's first Community Investment Corporation investing exclusively in community businesses based in rural regions. He co-founded BC's first Small Business Venture Capital Corporation with a community impact mandate.

He's thrilled to now be working with a dream team to build the future of not-for-profit funding with Agents of Change. Sean's philosophy: self-reliance is the basis for an individual's resilience, while inter-dependence is the basis for a community's resilience. Make yourself stronger, and lend that strength in common cause.

Joni Avram

Chief Marketing Officer

Ever since she was a little tike, Joni has been wondering why the world isn't ... better. She just isn't happy unless she's working with people who are changing the world, so it was only natural that she would join the Agents of Change team.

As a marketing expert, Joni has worked with some of the biggest change agents in Canada, from politicians to philanthropists, business icons to not-for-profit leaders. Internationally recognized for her skills in brand-building, reputation-management, and engagement, she's proud to be working hard to help Agents of Change realize their mission: making real estate work for everyone. Is it possible to turn Canada's biggest industry into it's biggest source of community impact? Absolutely!

Angie Gélinas

Head Scout, Partnerships & Collaborations

A not-for-profit strategist with high-level policy experience, a keen eye on the big picture, and an ardent fan of alliteration, Angie's mission is partnerships that make a capacious (YUGE) contribution to community. She's also pretty darn unflappable and carries with her an impressive bag of tricks when it comes to working with not-for-profit and public organizations looking to maximize their impact.

Latest news.

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